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Silk Screen Printing


Silk screen printing delivers highest quality work at the most cost effective rate. This is very reliable technique of getting your valuable documents printed. There is no doubt about the quality of work. You can also approach custom silk screen printing services in order to give your documents any personal style which you need.


Frame required for silk screen printing is one of the basic silk screen printing supplies of Silk screen printing companies. The frame is designed according to requirement of customer. It is placed between the end material and color disseminator. The mesh of frame will block the color from covered part and will let color splatter on to the product from openings. This is one of the most ancient methodologies for printing. Up till now it is very popular due to its beautiful and satisfactory results.


The end product could be a custom fabric or silk screen printing paper to enhance the quality of product produced. Digital silk screen printing is also employed by companies to provide convenience and best standards of quality to their clients.


Serigraphy, commonly known as silkscreen printing is a printing method through which sharp edge color images are formed using a porous fabric and a stencil. This style of painting is one of its kinds. The method used for this printing technique is quite unique. Either type of paint or ink could be used for silk screen printing or once a layer dries off, another color could be applied over it. It’s a time consuming process as you need to wait until one color gets dried prior you apply a new color scheme over the previous one.

Silkscreen printing is actually associated with garments but this method of printing is also widely utilized for decals, clocks, signboards, display stands as well as billboards. This method of printing is the most appreciated one because it’s not only cheap but it can also be utilized for printing on nearly all types of surfaces.

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