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Screen Printing


Screen printing is one of the most ancient techniques of printing. Its use is dated back to two thousand years in China. Screen printing basically requires a frame of an image that is to be printed. This frame is placed between color disseminator and product you wish to print on. The color is then pressed onto the frame and thus makes a colorful and beautiful print on paper.


The frame has been made of a number of substances. In olden times it was made of human hair. Following to that people made it out of silk to get fine results. This is from where screen printing got name of silk screen printing. In silk screen printing the stencil is mainly made of silk material. The frame required for screen printing service is one of the prime screen printing supplies.


Usually Screen printing companies utilize custom screen printing technique for processing of large orders. You can also explore options of getting cheap screen printing on your required cloth or paper by the method of digital screen printing.


Presently there are many applications of Commercial screen printing in market. When you have a large order and require quality as well, screen printing is one of the most ideal choices for you.


Screen printing is one of the most admired and preferred printing techniques, no matter a person wants to get a print on his or her T-shirt, a coffee mug, business cards, huge advertisement banners or even a car. It is nearly impossible to walk down a street and not finding abundant of screen printed items in the market. Originally screen printing started out using only silk as a medium but now stretched spongy, thinly woven nylon or polyester fabrics are also commonly used to create beautiful designs and delightful layouts. Screen printing is the best way to expose your company logo in the market. The best thing about screen printing is its inexpensiveness and apart from being cheap, it also offers high quality and top notch standard which makes it more tempting.

Screen printing does not only provide an economical form of advertisement to new companies to establish well in the market, but it also helps already established companies to generate huge profits through considerably little investment.

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