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4 Color Printing

A 4 color silk screen printing delivers one of the finest qualities of printing at a fabric and requires a step by step procedure to be followed. A 4 color printing technique  is one of the most preferred printing methods getting famous in the market very rapidly. Full color printing is the synonym used for 4 color printing. This printing method offers you with an open choice to print your item using a variety of colors of your own desire. Combining different colors of your wish creates several different new shades as per the intensity of the colors, which you can use as well.

A full color printing is the most expensive printing technique as compared to other printing options available in the market. Therefore, this method is not a cup of tea for such people who are just new in the field of designing. The game of full color printing entirely depends upon the design principles and aesthetic sense of an individual and both of these qualities could only be acquired through experience. Printing in 4 colors sets you out of all constraints in creating your design and allows you to polish your artistic sense.

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