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2 Color Printing


A 2 color printing gives the document a professional and creative look. This kind of printing generally includes black color and any other color depending upon the choice of the client. You can also choose any other color other than black to give your document a more dramatic and eye catching look.


To give your brochures, business cards, flyers, pamphlets, hand-outs, newsletters, menus, catalogs a beautiful and smooth look; you can try 2 color screen printing. A 2 color offset printing is a very good option for commercial and large orders when high quality at a compatible price is required. Large machines are used by printing presses for quality offset printing therefore you will certainly get your order back in a timely manner.


You can utilize your color selection by having a 2 sided color printing done to your document. A 2 sided color will make your material more appealing and by choosing good designs and placement it makes your document vivid. You can also get a 2 color binder printing done to your documents to give them a more attractive look. A 2 color binder printing is available in different materials, colors, sizes, rings etc. For the covering material you can choose from a variety of options, such as cardboard, paper, vinyl, PVC, fabric, leather and so on.



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