NCR Paper


NCR papers are also known as business papers; used for making invoices, work orders and other business transactions. NCR paper can be packed up in the forms of flat and rolls. NCR Paper can be used for taxation recording books of all businesses like banks, account book, receipts book, insurers, hospitality sector and clinical paper or medical bills etc. you may use wherever you need to create duplicates of your documents as records.


NCR Papers’ prevent the need to use carbon papers to copy the exact image of writing. NCR Paper rather has a more sophisticated methodology as the special kind of reactive clay coated with the front sheet automatically prints the carbon copy when someone writes on the front sheet. Presence of dye, which is micro encapsulated, and clay helps in retaining the copy of material without the need of any electronic device. Another advantage of NCR is that both side of NCR paper is printable so it gives you more space to add your details. Banks can provide complete terms and conditions at the back of the NCR paper so that copy of an important bank document stays with both the bank and the account holder.

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