Carbonless Notebook


You may have good acquaintance with your business carbonless notebooks and forms to deal your business transaction in the exact paperwork. You may use these carbonless notebooks for your office use if you are businessman or some dealer. You have to keep records of your all business transactions while dealing with different consumers. That’s why carbonless notebook is a perfect for you in keeping your all records in chronological orders. There are different kinds of carbonless notebooks used by small or medium businessmen like Sales Order Book, Taxation Recording Book, General Recording Book of Production, Account Book, Invoice Book and Purchasing Book.


If you want to retain the copy of your work submitted to instructor, buy a Carbonless Notebook. With Ring binding on left or top, Carbonless Notebooks come with two to five leaf sets. It depends on you how many copies you want to retain. After completing the work, original copy is torn off the Carbonless Notebook while the copy can be maintained for record purposes.

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