Cake Boxes


Cakes boxes add some additional beauty to your cakes and they are of significant importance when you are bringing or delivering a cake for a special event, such as wedding or the birthday of your loved one.

The wedding cake boxes are often of very delicate designs and produced mostly in pink; special care is taken that holds all the cake into it with no damage to its design. A box can be in a single plain color, such as brown or white, multi color or having colorful dots on it.

The cake box wholesale production is done with a material that resists to moisturizer and do not worn out easily. The wholesale cake boxes printing are often supplied in bulk and come in many shapes and sizes. A square size cake box packaging may be a fully covered cake box or there may be a plastic top rid on it.

The cake box printing is done by keeping in mind if the box is being produced as a normal box or it will be used while delivering cakes as a gift. The wholesale cake boxes are generally supplied as a flat tray and are assembled at the destination; these custom boxes are usually designed in a way becomes the trademark of a specific baker.


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